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Stephen Amell | New Arrow Season 2 Promotional Pictures

Stephen Amell | New Arrow Season 2 Promotional Pictures

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Arrow S2 new promotional photos

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I love working with Emily. I don’t think that my character had cracked a smile before episode 3 when I saw her and… She’s the only person that I get to be myself with in front of. That’s really a lovely thing for Oliver. And…I enjoy that people on the internet have their Oliver/Felicity love. I like that a lot.”

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you make me smile like the sun, fall outta bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head, spin like a record, crazy on a sunday night. you make me dance like fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee. just the thought of you can drive me wild. oh, you make me smile.

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Life is a photoshoot, a movie by Ian Somerhalder (2013)